The Gift of Friendship
The Gift of Friendship
By Tamyra Horst

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"Best friend, buddy, pal, mentor, soul mate...

They answer to many names. Come in different shapes and sizes. Fulfill various roles. And they're one of God's greatest gifts. They're friends.

Through our friends, God causes us to grow, to laugh, to be hugged, and comforted," says Tamyra Horst, author and women's ministry leader. Christian friends can literally help us become the people God wants us to be.

In her book The Gift of Friendship, Horst tells the intimate stories of women who have struggled and ached, shared and rejoiced together. She offers valuable advice on how to find good friends' and even more importantly' how to keep them.

The Gift of Friendship will touch your heart as you reflect on your own friendships and their meaning in your life.

A practical guide to Christian friendships and spiritual growth."