By Ardis Stenbakken

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When I think of sanctuary, I think immediately of two different things: I think of safety, a place I can go to escape. And I think of the heavenly sanctuary that was modeled in the wilderness by the children of Israel according to God’s directions. Of course, these two ideas are related.

Sanctuary: a place to run when life gets to be too much. A place I can relax and be myself. A place for my loved ones to surround me. I am so grateful for my home, my sanctuary, and I want it to be modeled according to God’s plan. In fact, we are told that our homes can be a little taste of heaven; what a sanctuary!

The Bible book of Hebrews tells us that there is a sanctuary in heaven. And when God told the Israelites to build an earthly sanctuary so that He could dwell among them, it was patterned on the heavenly sanctuary. In it the plan of salvation was played out every day.

I wish we could see that sanctuary today, because it must have been beautiful. God endowed many individuals with special talents to be able to make every aspect of this structure the most skillful and beautiful possible. And over it all, God’s presence was visible in the cloud.

In the pages of this book women have bared their souls. They have revealed how they try every day to follow the pattern that God has given for their lives. They share how God has shown His presence in their homes, their families, and their lives. Things have not always gone perfectly for these women, but each has found sanctuary in the arms and love of her mighty God, the God who is also her Savior.

May you, the reader, have a sense of sanctuary each day as you spend time with your God and Savior. May you find peace and quiet for your soul. And may you go out from that sanctuary to bless those around you.

Besides sanctuary for you, these books also provide a blessing for others, as all profits from this series of books goes to scholarships for women around the world who are seeking higher education. And there are so many who need our help! For more information on how you might benefit from these scholarships, or to give a further donation, please go to

—Ardis Stenbakken