Miracles Of The Mantle
Miracles Of The Mantle
By Bradley Booth

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Suddenly chaos did break loose!
Nathan watched in horror at a sight he knew he would never forget as long as he lived.  The mother bears came bouncing out onto the road, roaring as though on a mission of vengeance! This screaming crowd of boys was too near their babies for comfort, and they intended on protecting their cubs at all cost.
When Nathan first met the prophet Elisha, he had hoped to see a miracle or hear an exciting story.  But he surely hadn’t counted on anything like this.  What would happen to Amzi and the other boys who had been tormenting the prophet?
Nathan’s adventures with the prophet Elisha would take him places and show him things he never expected – floating ax heads, oil that never ran out, bitter water turned sweet, even wild bears.  Along the way, Nathan would learn incredible lessons about standing up for what he believed in, keeping his faith in Jehovah, and loving even those who wanted to do him harm.
Could Nathan stand up for what he believed in? Could you?