Boot Camp for the Last Days
Boot Camp for the Last Days
By Randy Maxwell

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When you hear the words “boot camp” you probably think of discipline, rigorous training, and hard work—and you’d be right. Boot camp is getting serious about anything you take seriously. There’s no boot camp for couch surfing. And there’s no boot camp for pew warming, either!

We are being made for holiness, and that means we have a transformation to undergo, from “civilian” church goers into fully-devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ—disciples who are ready for His coming.

In Boot Camp for the Last DaysRandy Maxwell passionately exhorts the church to trust NOW; believe NOW; and act NOW in preparation for Jesus’ return. Using the powerful analogy of boot camp training, he skillfully presents familiar truths in fresh and provocative ways that will stir hearts and minds. Boot Camp for the Last Days is a game changer. Are you ready to take the challenge?