60 Ways to Energize Your Life
60 Ways to Energize Your Life
By Williams, Kuzma, and Kuzma

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Here are 60 ways to

boost your spiritual, physical, and mental health. Authored by dozens of health professionals and inspirational writers, 60 Ways to Energize Your Life power-packs encouragement and motivation into each day, bringing you closer to God and your goal of honoring Him through healthy choices.

It’s filled with personal stories of victory over poor health, exciting insights into the human body and its Creator, and inspiring parallels between the Christian walk and the world of science.

Read 60 Ways to Energize Your Life to get charged up about feeling great!

Here is just a sample of the chapter titles:

The Miracle Bean
Too Fit to Quit
Cure Worry With a Song
God’s Gift of Time
A Park in Time
Grief: An Experience in Learning and Leaning
Removing the Plank
Special Delivery