2000 and Beyond
2000 and Beyond
By Mark A. Finley

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"2000 is coming. Are you ready?

What will life be like in the next millennium? Some psychics predict that our planet will shift on its axis or undergo other drastic changes before the year 2000. Should we believe them? Are we hurtling headlong into a crisis that will bring about the end of life as we know it?

Questions like these become more urgent every day with each report of wars, famines, disasters, and new diseases. Is there a reliable source we can look to for information about the future?

Mark Finley, speaker of the It Is Written television program, tackles the hard questions about how to plan for life in the twenty-first century. He takes us directly to the Bible to reveal its predictions and the truths that will protect us from being led astray. 2000 and Beyond reveals, from a biblical perspective, how you can live successfully today and into the future."