What God Hath Joined
What God Hath Joined
By Patty Froese Ntihemuka

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“Leah chuckled to herself.  How was it that a little boy could own her heart so completely?  Those sparkling eyes and glossy curls . . . that impish grin that got her every time.”
As Leah looked at Josiah, she remembered his father’s laughing eyes and promises of a beautiful life.  But that was before all the broken promises and a tragedy that had cruelly altered her life.  While Leah’s simple, gray dress hid her secret from the prying eyes of her new neighbors, she wondered how long she’d be able to keep up the façade.  Being a widow was bad enough.  Could she live with the shame if they knew the truth?
When the first note arrives from a “secret admirer,” it helps ease her deeply buried pain. But Leah knows a forbidden friendship could destroy the fragile life she was working to build for herself and her son.  A life that was already difficult enough.
As Leah struggles alone, her father, Parson Wainwright, faces his own private battle.  Torn between providing for Leah and Josiah and following his conscience, he wrestles with knowing what to do with his discovery of the Sabbath truth.  Keeping the Sabbath would mean losing everything.  As Leah and her father separately seek God’s guidance, they are surprised to discover that in His providence, He has already provided an answer – one they never could have imagined.
What God Hath Joined is the inspiring story of broken dreams and new discoveries that affirms the two institutions God ordained from the beginning – marriage and the Sabbath.