They Call Him the Miracle Man
They Call Him the Miracle Man
By Bradley Booth

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Intriguing rumors of a revolutionary teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, had reached the ears of Malachi the merchant. A great prophet, said some. Mighty healer, others claimed. Some called Him "The Promised One." They told how He fed thousands with a single basket of food. Even raised the dead. Legends and folk tales, probably. But Malachi had to know. His policy was "Show me the goods before I buy the merchandise." He had to get to the bottom of it all. Eyewitnesses. That's what he needed. So he went looking in Jerusalem and found them -- men and women who had met Jesus. The Rabbi. The captain of the guard. Lazarus. The tax commissioner. The tortured thief. Even the risen Rahab. Their incredible reports made him all the more determined to find Jesus. With skillful dialogue and sanctified imagination, based on historical research, Bradley Booth paints a fresh portrait of Jesus through the eyes of those who met Him, and inspires us to adore Him anew. Book jacket.