The Secret Rapture and the Antichrist
The Secret Rapture and the Antichrist
By Varner J. Johns

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“Jesus is coming! From the days of old the coming of Christ has been the hope of the church.” 

“It is of the manner of His coming that Jesus gave specific instruction to His followers. As the crowning work of deception, Satan himself, clad in the garments of light, will appear as Christ. Multitudes will be deceived by this counterfeit Christ. Multitudes will be lured onto the rocks of the enchanted isle by the siren voice of the great destroyer. The Bible is our only safeguard against deception and destruction. The word of God is our shield and our defense.” 

The Secret Rapture and the Antichrist seeks to inform the reader of the need to be prayerful and aware of false prophets, false teachers, and false christs—holding fast to the profession of our faith.