The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Christ
The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Christ
By George Vandeman

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We are brimming with curiosity about the future. 

  • When will Jesus return?
  • How can we know what’s waiting for us around the corner?
  • Who can we trust to guide us into the future? 

We get trustworthy information from God in the Bible. Knowing the end from the beginning, our heavenly Father has unfolded our future in the prophecies of Revelation. It’s full of exciting and essential information for us today.

 From this perspective of Bible truth, author George E. Vandeman reminds us that, as the thunders of final crisis roll across our land, we need not be afraid. The book of Revelation assures us Jesus is with us. And His face is always turned toward us. 

Are you willing to trust our heavenly Father and go anywhere the Bible leads us? Then you are prepared to decode the prophecies of Revelation!