The Message Behind the Movement
The Message Behind the Movement
By George E. Knowles

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How and When Did Your Church Begin? 

When and how did your church begin? As you become aware of how many denominations there are have you wondered, How did they all get started? Are you prepared with an answer should someone ask about your church?

The Message Behind the Movement offers brief résumés of the origin of various Christian faiths, how the church became divided through false teachers and persecution, how the Adventists came into being, and how we can know the true church.

Untiring work by Satan to divide, imparting unwillingness to submit to the authority of God and the binding ties of tradition, has resulted in the many denominations of today.

Many characteristics of the early church provide a basis for identifying the church of today that most closely resembles the apostolic church. This book challenges the reader to determine, by God’s grace, to walk in the light He gives them.