The Invitation
The Invitation
By Alejandro Bullón

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This very powerful book contains the stories of people destroyed by life’s circumstances and rebuilt by the love of God. As you read the chapters of this book, you might even see a reflection of yourself as in a mirror. You may think that your life makes no sense, that there is no forgiveness or hope for you. Yet, each of these stories will lead you to believe in a Power that is above and beyond your own self. The great need of every man and woman is God’s great opportunity to save you. He offers you a new birth, a new life with meaning, the opportunity to rebuild your life and restore your family. Please, accept His invitation. Alejandro Bullón was born in Peru, and has worked for more than forty years in South America. At present he lives in Brazil, and his greatest passion is public evangelism and communicating the gospel by radio, television, and the Internet. Tens of thousands of people attend his public conferences, and millions have benefited from his ministry. He is also the author of several books and articles. His works have been published in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.