The Everlasting Relevance of the Sabbath
The Everlasting Relevance of the Sabbath
By Bruce Wolpin

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Is the seventh-day Sabbath a relic, or is it an end-time call to worship the Creator?


Some consider the Sabbath a vestige of the Old Testament dispensation; others see it as a cultural practice of the Jewish people, while secular people tend to ignore it altogether. Most of those who respect the concept of a God-centered day of rest keep Sunday; only a small minority keep the biblical seventh-day Sabbath, the fourth of the Ten Commandments.


The Everlasting Relevance of the Sabbath shows from the Bible that the seventh-day Sabbath has a rich and permanent meaning as a memorial of Creation and God’s gift of holy time to humanity. Moreover, as a moral imperative from God, it will play a major role in the earth’s final events.