The Creator and His Workshop
The Creator and His Workshop
By R. E. Hoen

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One of the most interesting things to see is a factory where complicated machines are operating with only occasional attention from a human supervisor. Raw materials are transformed and are rapidly converted into useful articles. Fabrics, garments, kitchen utensils, furniture, musical instruments, tools, automobiles, tractors, telephones, and radios—all these and many more are the products of man’s ingenious devices and production lines. 

How much more fascinating is the workshop of the Creator! In it He not only is the Designer, the Architect, and the Fabricator of infinitely more intricate and marvelous objects than those of human art, but He is also the Source, the Originator, and the Creator of the materials themselves. Though the door to this remarkable divine workshop is barely ajar, frequent glimpses of the activities within can be seen if the observer is patient, diligent, devout, and sincerely thoughtful. He realizes that “all things were made by Him.” 

In The Creator and His Workshop, author Reu E. Hoen seeks to explain the relationship between God, creation, and redemption.