The Clifford Goldstein Story
The Clifford Goldstein Story
By Clifford Goldstein

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You’ve Read His Books–Now Meet the Man

Clifford Goldstein didn’t believe in God. Yet he worshiped one anyway. His God was a partially written novel he hoped would be a bestseller, his typewriter the altar on which he offered sacrifices of obsessive devotion.

Clifford Goldstein did believe in truth. He just didn’t know what it was or where to find it.

As the fiery writer traveled Europe and Israel in search of his novel’s soul, his quest for meaning of life continued, leading him to a different kind of altar.

An explosive confrontation takes place when Goldstein’s dream for literary fame and his quest for truth collide in a struggle for supremacy–a struggle that wrenches a challenge from his tortured soul: "Show Your face, God, if You have one–if You dare!"