Out of the Storm
Out of the Storm
By Jan S. Doward

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As we slipped away from Seattle and headed up Puget Sound for the strait and the open sea, I felt an inner urge to be right with God. Even though the war was half over, there was no assurance that I would not be killed in action. There was nothing substantial and concrete to cling to in the storms of my life; I did not know the Savior personally—only in theory. Believing about Him and maintaining a CO status was not satisfying to the soul. On the contrary, it was far more disturbing than if I had not known Christ and had taken combat training with the thousands of other GIs. 

This is the biography of Jan S. Doward. As a young boy, he was inducted into the army. He considered himself a Christian, but through his experiences, God showed him that he needed to be a follower of Jesus.