Living a Spirit-Filled Life
Living a Spirit-Filled Life
By Kurt Johnson

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Do you ever wonder what it really means to live a Spirit-filled life? Do you hear others talking about the Spirit guiding them—and feel left out? Do your prayers often seem to bounce off the ceiling and fall back to the floor?

Living a Spirit-Filled Life will help you find answers to these questions and point you to a life-changing journey under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Weaving together biblical wisdom and personal accounts, author Kurt Johnson creates a practical and compelling guide to living a Spirit-filled life—what it means and how to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence daily.

Through the captivating Bible narratives of Elijah and his Spirit-filled ministry, you’ll gain invaluable insights into divine guidance, spiritual growth, and the power that comes with abiding in the Spirit. Thought-provoking questions are provided at the end of each chapter to enhance your personal study.

Living a Spirit-Filled Life shows you how to let the Holy Spirit work in your life and offers you a roadmap to a more vibrant and spiritually fulfilling life. Begin your walk with the Spirit today!