Kingdom of the Heart 2015 Women's Sharing Book
Kingdom of the Heart 2015 Women's Sharing Book
By Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

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It was just a whisper--her name. Her childhood name. It drew her eyes up to his. At first she couldn't understand what was missing in his gaze. Then she knew. He was seeing her not as a desirable woman but as a human being. She cringed, but could not turn away.

He was an average-looking guy, moderately tall, dressed in jeans and a blue T-shirt. But who was he, this street preacher who could draw crowds to hear his stories? A fraud, fanatic, or faith healer? Whoever he was, one thing was certain, Chris Davidson was changing lives on Lancer Avenue.

Kingdom of the Heart is the story of Jesus, told as if He’d come to live among us today, for the very first time. So how would you respond to His invitation to “follow Me”?