How to Interpret Scripture (Bible Bookshelf)  BBS 2Q 2020
How to Interpret Scripture (Bible Bookshelf) BBS 2Q 2020
By Frank M. and Michael G. Hasel

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Through Scripture, God reveals His plan of redemption for humankind, bringing joy, hope, and peace to those who claim His name by faith and accept His priceless gift. His ancient love letter, dispatched through the pens of more than 40 authors over 1,500 years, leads us into an obedient relationship with the living God of heaven Himself.

How to Interpret Scripture examines the origin of the Bible, explores why it is the source of our theology, evaluates the influence of biblical languages, investigates prophecy, and so much more.

Dive into the life-changing Word as Dr. Frank Hasel, associate director of the Biblical Research Institute, and Dr. Michael Hasel, professor of Near Eastern studies, biblical studies, and archaeology at Southern Adventist University, explore the role of Scripture in Christian life and explain how to properly interpret God's Holy Word.

Although How to Interpret Scripture complements the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly in the second quarter of 2020, it is a stand-alone book for the ages.