Guide’s Greatest Survivor Stories
Guide’s Greatest Survivor Stories
By Lori Peckham

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“Somebody help me!” Erica called out, but this time a wave caught her by surprise, and water rolled over her unmasked face.

Sputtering from the salty mouthful, Erica panicked as the danger of the situation began to sink in. What if Mark or Cassie can’t reach me? I’ll drown.

The fatigue in Erica’s arms and legs felt unbearable. The current pushed her farther out to sea with every wave.

I’m going to drown. No one will ever find me.

Facedown in the water and swimming as hard as she could, Erica prayed, Lord, help me!

Did Erica get sucked out to sea and drown? Find out in chapter 25 (but in case you can’t stand the suspense, here’s a hint: this is Guide’s Greatest Survivor Stories)!

See God at work in 26 true stories of people who cheated death in miraculous ways. Escape hungry coyotes, a blizzard on a mountain, a raging blacksmith, a tumble into the Grand Canyon, and more. Experience the power of God intervening on behalf of His children.

Ages: 10-14