Guide's Greatest Mystery Stories
Guide's Greatest Mystery Stories
By Lori Peckham

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This was our assignment: find incredible, true mystery stories. Well, just like detectives, we’ve been on the case. We’ve tracked down some of the best mystery stories from more than 50 years of Guide.

Filled with suspense and excitement, these stories will keep you on the edge of your seat—eager to find out how the mysteries are solved.

What will Flag find when he stakes out Mr. Winters’ house to help catch a thief? Will Frank and Davy survive a close call in an old gold mine? Who is the mysterious man chasing Leyla in her dream? Why won’t Brownie, the mangy dog who loves the outdoors, leave the house? What happens when Kay is awakened by a “ghost” that plays the piano at night?

One thing about this book is not a mystery: you will love every story! Case closed.