God Beyond Nature
God Beyond Nature
By Robert E. D. Clark

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In this book, I have tried to consider some of the reasons that lead many people to believe in a personal God. As a scientist I have no desire to hide the fact that an approach that starts with nature appeals to me more strongly than, say, to a person who is passionately fond of music but dislikes science. Life would be less interesting if all of us thought alike. So this book is not an attempt to bully the reader into any particular mode of thought. 

The fact is that the truth about God is not just a matter of the intellect. Truth demands our life, our soul, our all. Unless we are prepared to pursue it with a passion that is undimmed by discouragement, it will forever elude us. Yet there are thousands who, like the writer, have found that a desire for truth has led them to the One who said, “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.”