God's Mission My Mission - 4Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf
God's Mission My Mission - 4Q 2023 Bible Bookshelf
By Gary Krause

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Jesus came to share more than ideas; He wanted to change people’s lives—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. His miracles and healings were far more than displays of His power. They were designed to draw people to the gospel and change their lives for eternity. That was His mission: winning lost people back to the kingdom.


In God’s Mission My Mission, Gary Krause examines how effective mission connects with people’s lives. It goes beyond preaching truth to living it. The mission is more than a series of events; it’s an ongoing process. It doesn’t just reach people’s heads; it touches their hearts. It is a work driven by the example of the compassionate Jesus who came and lived among us.


Revelation assures us that, in the great cosmic conflict, Satan’s kingdom will ultimately fall along with all its pride, cruelty, and false forms of worship. God will triumph. In the meantime, our mission is to share the truth about God and His unfailing love. But more importantly, we’re called to demonstrate that truth.