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By Gary Swanson

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Boxes. We all think in them. They're shallow but comfortable, and we rarely break out of them. That would require some radical reflecting.

Welcome to Gary Swanson's break-out-of-the-box teen devotionals. Each one is followed by mind-boggling questions to help you banish boxdom. Get ready to interact with fascinating Bible people as they share their secret thoughts in imaginary speeches. See how the brothers mauve, plum, and puce open new doors on Jesus' tale about the house built on sand. See how God's grace is like an undelete button. How Christianity is like a new perfume. What pretzels and crossed fingers have to do with prayer. And what Broken-Bones Bracknell can teach us about, well, us.

You'll meet lots of other interesting characters, such as the tomb people. Maybe you'll identify with Richard Canning, who faced an 85-year suspension of his license and $59,585 in fines for irresponsible driving. Or with Babe Ruth, who struck out most of the time. Or with King Canute, who, when the waters of the sea refused to recede at his command, took off his crown and left it on the head of a statue of the crucified Christ.

Anyway, you need this book. It will help you resist temptation. Deal with anger. Failure. And pride. Just click it open every morning and get a little deeper into the deep things of God.