Christ Our Refuge
Christ Our Refuge
By Norman R. Gulley

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"Do you look forward to Jesus' return with faith or with fear?


Have you ever wondered whether you are strong enough to go through the time of trouble without sinning? Or have you perhaps put these thoughts out of your mind hoping you never have to think about them?


Sometimes the gospel is proclaimed in such a way that it invokes more fear than hope. But that is not Jesus' intention. His soon return is the greatest humanity, but for some, it is hard to see beyond the trials to the triumph. The good news is that Jesus won't wait until the second coming to be with us. He has promised. "Lo, I am with you always!" and He won't go back on His Word. He will be our refuge in all our trials.


In Christ Out Refuge, Norman Gulley reviews the prophecies pointing to the end of time, but beyond that, he shows us how to be ready: by keeping our eyes on Christ, not the crisis. Norman Gulley is a professor of systematic theology at Southern College in Collegedale, Tennessee. He teaches a college course on last-day events and is a frequent guest speaker at seminars on this topic"