By Jack J. Blanco

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It is a story of beautiful and troubled beginnings.

In its opening pages the story finds Adam and Eve swept into a dazzling world of vibrancy and energy. In awe, they are captivated by the tender love of Divinity walking and talking with them. But keep flipping the pages, and the story turns darker, more complicated. There is trouble: rebellion and deceit, battles and heartache. But through it all there is something greater, something beautiful.

In Chosen Jack J. Blanco creates a harmonious look at the story of Genesis through Deuteronomy. You’ll read the great stories of Noah building an ark, Abraham believing an impossible promise, Joseph experiencing misery and greatness, and Moses leading the Israelites through years of manna and sand.

Each of the patriarchs’ stories combine to tell us one great story: the story of God’s amazing grace.