Choose You This Day
Choose You This Day
By Leonard Brand

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In 1844, Charles Darwin wrote a summary of his theory of evolution. His On the Origin of Species became Satan’s grand scheme to turn the world away from allegiance to the creator. If belief in the Biblical creation can be destroyed, confidence in the personal, loving God of the Bible will be seriously undermined as well. In the fourth commandment, God claims that in six days he created the heavens and the earth, the seas, and all that is in them. The Bible claims that God wrote this with His finger, in stone. If what God wrote with His own hand is false, why would the rest of the Bible be of any further interest? But if true, it is an anchor that will guide us through whatever the future holds. The great controversy between Christ and Satan is, at this time in history, focusing down on issues of the credibility of the Creator and the creation story in Genesis. Even Christians are beginning to question the Biblical account. Science is an important human endeavor, but we can trust it only if the Bible is our standard for evaluating origins, evil, and our great God.