Burning Hope
Burning Hope
By Dan Day

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Hans Mayr had a burning desire to be a missionary on the Amazon river. “Absolutely not!” his father thundered. He thought Hans’s vision was an outlandish idea for a seventeen-year-old German lad. 

Hans prevailed and sometimes wondered whether he’d done the right thing. In Burning Hope you’ll follow Hans and his brother Karl across the Atlantic to a strange land, to a foreign city with an unknown language. 

What do you do when you’re put off a ship with your bags, you don’t know a soul, and you can’t talk to anyone? What do you do when a policeman grabs you and tries to drag you off to jail in a city thousands of miles from home—and you can’t even explain your situation because you don’t know his language? 

Burning Hope is a story of courage and adventure, the story of God’s leading in the life of a German youth who recognized God’s call and refused to let circumstances turn him aside from responding.