Almost Home
Almost Home
By G. Edward Reid

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Life doesn’t come with a map.
    Or does it?

We do, in fact, have a map to direct us into the future. This volume is a guidebook to that map, enabling the reader to understand its directions and unlock its prophecies. Indications are abundant that the destiny of earth’s inhabitants is about to be decided. In this book you will learn:

  • How current events, predicted more than 2,000 years ago, show that the end of the world is near.
  • How to have confidence in choosing the road that will lead to the ultimate destination.
  • How some spiritual gurus are actually deceiving thousands of innocent travelers.
  • Why not all religious roads lead to heaven—including some you think might!
  • Why truth is important and should not be compromised for the sake of unity.
  • How ancient prophecies precisely identify the man of sin—the end-time antichrist.
  • The role of the United States of American in the end-time scenario.
  • That the great pre-Advent judgment is taking place in heaven right now!
  • Why thousands of people every day are making decisions and taking actions to redirect their lives—many leaving long-held traditions and beliefs.

G. Edward Reid provides a wake-up call for those living at the end of history, suggests some midcourse corrections, and gives encouraging assurance that God is still in control of earth’s destiny.



  1. Which Way Home
  2. Choosing the Right Map
  3. Truth Matters
  4. Faithful Guides
  5. God Outlines the Future
  6. Nations Come and Go
  7. World Superpower
  8. Signs of the End
  9. The Road Back
  10. Almost Home
  11. It’s Time to Decide