By Peter N. Landless MB BCh, Duane C. McBride PhD

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In a world filled with confusing, mixed messages about alcohol, this book offers a powerful and enlightening look at alcohol and its risks from a Christian perspective. It explores the physical, mental, and spiritual consequences of alcohol use, providing a comprehensive guide for individuals seeking understanding, healing, and hope.

With a blend of scientific research and biblical wisdom, Alcohol uncovers the profound impact of alcohol on the body, brain, and mind. Drawing on the latest medical insights, this book sheds light on the alarming truth behind alcohol's effects, helping readers make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

This book, written by a collection of doctors and research scientists, challenges the cultural myths and misconceptions that often surround alcohol use. It also provides valuable guidance on prevention and intervention. From addressing the unique challenges faced by youth and college students to offering insights into effective treatment and recovery, this book equips readers with practical tools to combat alcohol abuse in their lives and communities. 

Healing is possible, and redemption is within reach. Whether you are personnally affected by alcohol's effects or seek to support those on their path to recovery, this book will empower you with knowledge, compassion, and faith to make a positive change.