A Horse Called Saskatoon
A Horse Called Saskatoon
By JoAnne Chitwood Nowack

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Tory Butler Hartman and her new husband, Adam, are helping Julia and Dave run Border Mountain, their retreat center in northern Idaho for emotionally hurting people, along with their dogs, Kodiak and Sardidi, and two Belgian geldings, Saskatoon and Knick-Knick. With blizzards, rampaging moose, snarling grizzlies, and one very scary, screaming mountain lion, Tory finds it a strange and frightening place. How will they operate the center after the water line freezes solid for the winter? Will Breeze, Tory's friend, be able to recover from the nightmare of her marriage to Brian? Tory slowly learns to trust God and rest in His care even in the midst of fear, only to face the greatest crisis of her life.

The five books of this series provide everything needed for a horsemanship and horse husbandry honor in Pathfinders, except for the hands-on experience. This volume includes a valuable appendix on how to understand horse body language, along with 30 tips on horse care.