Seventh Day Baptists: Their Legacy to Adventists
Seventh Day Baptists: Their Legacy to Adventists
By Russel J. Thomsen

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Seventh Day Baptists may form a link in an apparently unbroken chain of Sabbath keepers in Britain “from the time Christianity was first introduced there—possibly in the first century,” says author Russel J. Thomsen. From Reformation times until the present day, the British Isles have not been without organized Seventh Day Baptist churches. 

Thomsen also discusses Seventh Day Baptists in the twentieth century and the doctrinal differences between Seventh Day Baptists and Seventh-day Adventists. 

The author is a medical doctor who is also a historian. In addition to his medical degree, Thomsen earned a master of arts degree in religion at Loma Linda University, producing a well-researched thesis, “History of the Sabbath in Mormonism,” which has since been published under the title “Latter-day Saints and the Sabbath.”