Science & Christianity: A Partnership
Science & Christianity: A Partnership
By Robert E. D. Clark

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The author views science not as mere systematized knowledge, but as a highly creative activity. When science is thus viewed, he contends, science and Christianity become natural partners rather than rivals. Here is an excerpt: 

“The Christian idea of God differs from pagan ideas. For the Christian, God is lovingly disposed toward man, even though man sins against Him. This love showed itself in the coming of Jesus to suffer for us and reconcile us to God. But if a man believes in a God of this kind, he cannot believe that the same God has created nature in such a way as to deceive the creatures He has made. For Bacon, as for Descartes, this thought provides a final bulwark against skepticism. God must have made the world in such a way that if man is honest he will be able to understand at least some of its working; the manifest appearances of nature cannot deceive, because God is no deceiver.”