Satisfied: How God Can Meet Your Deepest Needs
Satisfied: How God Can Meet Your Deepest Needs
By Mark A. Finley

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Asking the Right Question

Way down deep inside, what is it that you most long for? What are the unmet needs of your life that drive you to find satisfaction in possessions or pleasure, achievements or addictions, in endlessly seeking something—anything—to fill that undefined void inside?

Are you trying to meet an inner need with something on the outside—with something material? Are you trying to meet a spiritual need with something physical?

We human beings are ever so needy. We come into this world a bundle of seemingly limitless and urgent needs. And as we grow and mature, we become aware of some of those needs. But not all. We so easily believe that just the right amount of money, just the right relationship, just the right kind of thrill or pleasure, will leave us satisfied.

In this brief but concentrated little book, Pastor Mark Finley of It Is Written Television points to the one and only way any of us can ever become truly satisfied.

For it’s those inner needs—for peace and love, faith and hope, assurance and self-worth—that cry out most urgently to be satisfied. And those needs won’t be met in a whole lifetime of frantically chasing after things and pleasure.

What is it then that can leave us totally and forever satisfied? These pages will show that this is the wrong question. For it’s not "What can satisfy?" It’s "Who can satisfy?" Come . . . and meet Him!