Llamas, Leopards And Lizards (Junior/Earlyteen Devotional)
Llamas, Leopards And Lizards (Junior/Earlyteen Devotional)
By Charles C. Case, Sr.

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Explore the Wild World of Nature

Get ready to trek across the desert, climb the mountain peaks, dive deep into the ocean, and fly high into the sky— all to discover the marvelous things that God has created.

From comet dust to flying squirrels and lizards to llamas, the great outdoors is filled with wonders. You won’t believe what you read about worms that build tents, orcas that like to play, and animals that take seven-month-long naps. And just wait until you hear about starfish that grow new arms and crabs that look like they’re playing the violin!

God has hidden fascinating lessons in the details of His creation. So explore, enjoy, and praise the Creator of all!