Called: Core Qualities for Ministry
Called: Core Qualities for Ministry
By Nikolaus Satelmajer

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Ministry covers so many responsibilities and functions that it is nearly impossible to address them all in one book. Calledexamines several aspects of the seven core qualities that the NAD Ministerial Department has identified as benchmarks. These benchmarks are critical for an effective ministry and include the following:

  • Character
  • Evangelism
  • Leadership
  • Worship
  • Management
  • Scholarship
  • Relationship

The writers represent a broad spectrum of ministries to reflect what ministers in North America are doing. Some have extensive experience, while others are just embarking on their ministries. Some are pastors in multichurch districts, while others are pastors in multipastor churches. They are as diverse as our church is diverse.

Our God does not change and our mission is always the same, but the way we accomplish the mission does change. Ministers are constantly challenged to meet the needs of the community and congregation. Called was written to help ministers find and experience fulfillment in ministry while meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world.