With John Brun in Old Mexico
With John Brun in Old Mexico
By May Carr Hanley

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Mrs. Brun softly closed the door and followed the doctor into the hall. “Doctor, I must know what your verdict is. I cannot bear the suspense any longer. I fear that John is not so strong these last few days, although he does not complain.” 

Young John Brun was stricken with the “white plague.” His sister Catherine died from the dreaded slow sickness just months before. Upon the advice of their family doctor, John’s parents arranged for him to leave New York before the cold weather hit. His destination: Uncle John Turner’s house in the city of Old Mexico. 

During his time in Old Mexico, John learns the customs, culture, and religion of the local Spanish people. He meets a missionary named Mr. Black whose mission is to pass out Bibles to people who do not have access to them. Together, they work to proclaim the truth of the gospel and help others, offering their lives in full service to God.