Triumphant in Suffering
Triumphant in Suffering
By Merlin L. Neff

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What mysteries remain unsolved in this life! A sweet-faced little girl, innocent of wrong, lies in the hospital dying of a malignant tumor of the brain. Why should pain and death come to a child so young and eager for life? 

A devoted minister of the gospel, driving through the night on a mission of mercy, sees the flash of headlights in his eyes, and then there is a crash. A godly man is killed instantly. Why did it happen to him when he was giving his life to the service of God? 

How are we to meet the bitter cup of pain and suffering? What is our reaction when heartaches and disappointments come? 

This book seeks to discover how the trusting soul must reconcile the dark and tragic experiences of life with his faith in the sovereignty of an all-loving God.