Topical Concordance of the Bible
Topical Concordance of the Bible
By Phyllis Bailey

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If you want to know everything the Bible says about death, or marriage, or any one of 301 other topics, this book is for you. The highly abridged concordances found in the back of many Bibles are woefully incomplete, while an exhaustive concordance like Strong's or Young's is unwieldy and includes only words that appear in the text. A topical concordance, like the index in the back of a book, lists passages under topical headings even when the topic word does not appear in the passage.

Simpler and easier to use than Nave's Topical Bible, this work is especially useful to anyone with an Adventist perspective. Originally published in 1975, this revised edition includes many entirely new topics, such as abortion, antichrist, business, gospel, holiness, Israel, latter rain, liberty, miracles, predestination, sexuality, Spirit of Prophecy, spiritual gifts, standards, sympathy, tongues, works, and others. In addition, 2,600 new texts have been added under old topics.

The Topical Concordance of the Bible is an essential tool for preparing Bible studies, sermons, and class lectures.