The Voice of the Spirit
The Voice of the Spirit
By Juan Carlos Viera

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In a religious setting marked by individual interpretation of doctrines and prophecies, The Voice of the Spirit brings clear thinking to the discussion of the gift of prophecy - and a fresh, new sense of faith born out of careful reflection on the subject. From a presentation of the basic workings of divine inspiration and revelation, the author moves to answer such question as:

Is there more than one version of The Conflict of the Ages books? And why?

How is it that some Spirit of Prophecy books "grew" over the years? What about charges of plagiarism against Ellen White? Was she guilty? Or were her practices completely acceptable for one of God's prophets? How should we interpret her words regarding the earth being "6,000 years old"? Does God inspire the prophet's words or the prophet's thoughts?

The author of this book is an individual who is in a position to have unique access to answers to such questions.