The Hunted
The Hunted
By Dorothy Aitken

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Ung’s heart sank as he watched the soldiers alight from the truck in the street in front of his home. Were they coming for him? Then he noticed that the official attention was being focused on the compound next door. Soldiers now pounded on the door ... 

There were flames in the neighboring courtyard now. Ung could see them leaping higher than the wall that divided their compounds, consuming furniture, books, silken hangings ...The screaming and wailing was unbearable, and Nguyen tried to cover her ears to shut out the horror of it. 

For years as the Vietnam War had raged, Ung and his family in Cambodia felt safe and secure in the knowledge that their country was neutral and no war would come to them. 

Then the bombing began. 

The Hunted, by Dorothy Aitken, is the account of Cambodian refugees and the missionaries of God that worked to ease their suffering.