The God You Thought You Knew
The God You Thought You Knew
By Richard L. Neil

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We struggle to like our enemies. God asks us to love them. Our cupboards are bare. God asks us to make Him a feast. We cannot walk. God asks us to carry our burden. We struggle against oppression. God asks us to surrender to it. We flail to stay above the waves. God asks us to walk on water. 

And we think the secret is trying harder! The God you thought you knew made us clench our spiritual teeth in frustration and struggle to merit His approval. That God tantalized us with the prospect of eternal life, held just beyond our reach, so we spend our lives striving to be better and falling short of His standards. 

But God does not want us better. He wants us dead! 

The real God asks us to die. Then He patiently molds each persevering, yielding sinner-each living sacrifice- into His divine image. All in good time. The real God does not ask us to deserve forgiveness. Only to accept it. He does not ask us to like our enemies. Only to love them. Now meet the real God. Let Him transform your relationships. You'll never be the same.