The Christ-Centered Life
The Christ-Centered Life
By W. B. Ochs

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A certain copy of the Constitution of the United States has been modified by an artist so that there seems to look out from the letters on the page the face of George Washington.  

So the face of Jesus Christ looks upon us from the pages of the Bible.  

He and the scriptures are in perfect harmony; they are inseparable.  Christ is the author of the Bible, and the Bible is the revelation of Christ.  His life, as though embedded in the print, appears on its sacred pages. 

The Bible must be the final word as to who the real Christ is.  It must be our guide, our creed, our source of faith.  Someday He will be recognized by all as the true Christ.  The conflict between Christ and Satan will end.  Christ will be victorious.  Why not accept Him now, fully and completely, as your personal Savior. 

The author, W. B. Ochs, seeks to explain in a fresh light, topics such as Christ the Creator, Christ the Man, Christ our Priest, Christ our life, Christ’s Name, The Abiding Christ and many other topics to help us make Christ the center of our life.