Ten Who Left
Ten Who Left
By Fred Cornforth and Tim Lale

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"Why do People leave the Church?

Why not ask them?

We have plenty of greeters at the front door. But do we have enough lifeguards posted at the back door?

Why do members leave the church? Do they come to doubt its doctrines and teachings? Is it because of conflict with other church members? Do they feel neglected? Some estimates suggest that between one and two million former Seventh-day Adventists live in North America alone-and that less than half of the division's 800,00-plus members attend church even once a month.

If these figures are even close, alarms should be sending every church in North America to red alert. We simply must find the solution to the swinging back door and then take dramatic steps and keep the family whole.

What better way to find out when members leave than to ask them? In Ten Who Left, that is just what Fred Cornforth and Tim Lale have done. Each of these "exit interviews" concludes with questions for discussion or reflection.