Surely God Led
Surely God Led
By J. M. Howell

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John Howell, grew up in rural America in the early 1900’s. At 16 he left home to attend boarding school in Iowa then while teaching church school decided he wanted to become a missionary.

John and his new wife Mable, headed for South America to work among the Indians. There were no furloughs at that time and the Howells left for “life”.

From the whirlwind that capsized his boat in neck deep water, to the strawberries and cream that brought $12,000 for a new road, Howell’s life was filled with unique and memorable experiences. People tried to destroy him and his work, but God protected, opening escape holes in stone walls and surrounding the mission with shining soldiers.  

Surely God Led is the inspiring story of John Howell’s life, his mission experiences in South America and later his work as editor-in-chief of the Bible textbooks used for many years in our Adventist schools.