Staying Vertical
Staying Vertical
By Carolyn Sutton

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It's a fast-track, crazy-quilt world. If you find yourself living too often in rush mode, life out of kilter, dreams just out of reach, this book is for you. Whatever your circumstances, you can bring your life into balance. Stop worrying about what you're not and start focusing on what you can be. Like "squeaky voice" Antonio who couldn't sing -- so he made Stradivari violins -- you can turn disabilities into advantages, negative attitudes into positive, and panic into peace. Using transforming "Homework for the Heart" exercises, Carolyn Sutton invites us in Part I to apply Christ-modeled guidelines for attaining better balance. Part II empowers us to exercise the rights purchased for us on Calvary, enabling a more consistent spiritual walk and bringing us into deeper intimacy with the Savior. For a spiritual tuneup, let Carolyn Sutton help you get rid of guilt, polish your persistence, and recover your equilibrium. Turn your life into a Stradivarius, then revel in the music. Book jacket.