Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
By Mike Jones

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Listen as the author is interviewed by Voice of Prophecy's Lonnie Melashenko. Each of the five interviews is about 12 minutes long.

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Former editor and author Mike Jones (Insight; Help, Lord, I Blew It Again) has written practical and easy-to-read new book for those dealing with life’s challenges (depression, addictions, panic attacks, alcohol abuse, surviving a crisis, being a church dropout, etc.)

He shares through anecdotes and specific steps a secret he contends most Christians don’t know, namely that life gets a whole lot easier if you exchange your present life for a new one. In chapter 5 he details how to do this and how to get some power in your life.

Mike also tells the story of his divorce and 16 years out of the church, then describes what it was like trying to come back. This is an excellent book for inactive or former members. Order a copy and check it out. You just may want to share it a friend or loved one.

Mike wrote this book during the time he headed Voice of Prophecy’s outreach to missing members. VOP Speaker-Director comments on Mike’s book: “Mike writes from personal experience about some of life’s greatest challenges. I especially appreciated his practical, biblical solutions and the anecdotes that made those solutions so much more understandable.”

"Mike Jones is a man who grew up in the church--even worked for it--only to end up leaving it. After many years away, he has returned. I believe God will use this book to help many others return as well."

"If you have a family member or friend who has left the church, try giving them this book...Mike Jones has something important to say to those outside and inside the church."--Book Review, Ministry, April, 2008, by Ron Halvorsen, Jr.

Reader Comments:

Just thought I should let you know how much this book as done for me. Praise God he rescued you and gave you the ability to write this to help some of us.

Last year I was in a desperate way and thought any minute life would collapse around me (my daughter had so many addictions and troubles I expected to hear that she had died or committed suicide - I expected financial ruin for me) - I could not understand why God was beating me up so badly. I found your book and believe me it was not easy to find - I saw it advertised and decided I did not have the money to spend on it. However, the little voice would not let me go away - mostly I guess the title intrigued me since I did not feel like praying either because God had left me. After reading this book and beginning to memorize some of the promises (although not sure I believed they were true), things got some better. God gives us pruning and training only to the point we can handle and then comes back to finish the job.

I found that again loneliness, anxiousness and mild depression were part of my life. That was when I of course I turned to this book, (after a friend was faced with anxiety attacks and I remembered that this book had some significant help that I shared with her - of course, that helped me more probably). But this time when I read it - I actually saw the exchanged life as my selfishness being the source of trouble. I was so concerned about what would happen to me personally and financially that I could not see Jesus. I started doing the exchanged life chapter often and then more and more - until now, even when I do not read the whole outline and steps or the prayer in that chapter - I go over the steps in my mind and while I am far from a "finished work" or possess the faith that Jesus gives, I know that Jesus lives in me and that He has worked out my life steps so that when "catastrophes" come - I ask him how he plans on using this to bring my life back to focus and "work together for good, since I really do love him"......

Circumstances have not changed - my daughter is suffering and without work - but I see God working to clean her from her addictions and wow what a turn around - so it is time to leave her with God (again) and wait to see what marvelous plan he is working out.

Thanks for putting this in print - so I can go over, and over and over it often.

Sharon, Naples FL