Some Rain Must Fall
Some Rain Must Fall
By Elizabeth McFadden

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Near the end of their junior year at the College of Medical Evangelists, Karen and Wayne spent golden hours discussing plans for the future. They would be missionaries—go to India, perhaps, and set up a mission hospital where they could labor together. But after an argument, Karen would never have the chance to apologize to Wayne, set it right with him, and pursue their plans. Wayne took ill, and died unexpectedly. 

Staring through her tears at Wayne’s vacant chair, a new determination took hold of Karen on graduation night. She would make good. Wayne would be proud to meet her when they were reunited in heaven. For him, she had answered the call to the mission field, alone. 

This is the story of a missionary doctor’s life in India and Pakistan and of her triumph over tragedy, a book that will tug mightily at your heart strings till the very last page.