Skeeter the Wildly Wacky Raccoon
Skeeter the Wildly Wacky Raccoon
By VeraLee Wiggins

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“Skeeter! What are you doing now?” 

When Chris adopts an abandoned baby raccoon, he finds out how much fun—and how much trouble—a raccoon can be. 

From a tiny baby whose eyes aren’t open to a busy and curious raccoon whose eyes never seem to close, Chris’s pet keeps the whole family busy. 

“Skeeter, come back here with my crystal peacock!” 

“Skeeter, stop changing the channels on the TV!” 

When Chris’s brother begins to feed other wild raccoons at the creek, Chris just knows that these wild raccoons will lure Skeeter away from him. What can he do to make his water-loving, TV-watching, gross-bug-chewing friend stay with him? 

Find out when you read Skeeter, the Wildly Wacky Raccoon!