Science Discovers God
Science Discovers God
By Ariel A. Roth

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Does God exist?

Did a Master Designer create our universe, or did life spontaneously evolve? Can science retain objectivity in the search for truth while allowing for the possibility that God exists? Does it make any difference?

Ariel A. Roth, scientist and Christian believer, examines key issues related to the “God question”:

  • the intricate organization of matter in the universe
  • the precision of the forces of physics
  • the complexity of the eye and the brain
  • the elaborate genetic code
  • the disparity between the fossil record and the vast amount of time necessary for evolution

Faced with so much evidence that seems to require a God in order to explain what we find in nature, why does the scientific community remain silent about God? Hypotheses and speculations that attempt to fit data into a predetermined conclusion abound. What overriding influence prevents scientists from following the data of nature wherever it may lead?

Does God exist? This question simply will not go away—and science itself is providing the answer.